What are you waiting for?  Tickets are available now the for Kettle Valley Brakemen.  This event was sold out last year and it looks like that is going to happen again.  


2018 Membership dues are now due.  $20 a year buys a lot of activity and friendship.

Come on by and check out our new decor, our couches and chairs by the fireplace have been replaced.  They do look wonderful..That Carol has a good eye.  Thank you too to the Needle Art and Quilting Group for the Christmas decorations

I hope you have December 10, 15 and 25 marked on your calendars.

On Sunday, December 10 the Variety Singers are presenting their concert "A Canadian Christmas".  This is a must attend for Peachlanders, so come early to get a seat.  Admission is by donation.  Phyllis and her singers do an amazing job and then follow the concert with a Christmas carol sing-a-long and goodies.

The annual Christmas Potluck Friday is planned for December 15.  This is another must attend for everyone.  You do not have to be a member to attend.  Families are welcome.   Turkey, ham, stuffing and potatoes are supplied.  You need to bring a favourite festive salad or dessert to share along with your own dishes.  It has been a pretty tasty meal in the past.  Entertainment starts at 7 pm for an hour.  The Blu Crew sang for us in September and have been invited back by popular demand.  We are really looking forward to their performance.

December 25, The Peachland Wellness Centre is hosting their Community Christmas dinner at the 50 + Activity Centre.  Tickets are required and are free from the Wellness Centre.  100 are available for this years dinner.  The doors open at 12 noon and dinner is served at 2 pm.

At our November Potluck Friday we changed things up a bit and invited two guest speakers.  Mike Sutherland and Jean Saul spoke about the new Vantage One Credit Union in Peachland.  Their main office is in Vernon and they have quite a few branches in smaller communities so are ready to meet our needs.  They invited us all to drop in just for a conversation.  They are anxious to engage with and support our community.

Dennis Craig, our local fire chief shared some concerning fire statistics as introduction for Kim Evans from iGuardStove.  In the U.S.A. 47% of home fires start in the kitchen and in Peachland from 2014 to 2016 25% of structure fires originated from unattended cooking.  Have you had something on the stove and been distracted by someone at the door on on the telephone?  I know I have.  The iGuardStove company actually originates from Kelowna.  Your stove plugs into this device which is plugged into your regular stove outlet and will shut off the stove automatically if no movement is detected in the kitchen after a preset number of minutes.  The intelligent version can also be connected to wifi and will send text messages to you if you are away on vacation and it detects movement in your kitchen, if there has been no activity in the kitchen of a loved one by a preset time every day or if the stove hasn't been used for a few days.  It can be used on gas and cook top stoves as well.  The stove was originally designed to allow those with brain injuries to live more independently and now many others of all ages are having them installed.  Wow, technology at its best.

Well my pony tail is gone and safely delivered to the local Cancer Society to be used toward a wig.  Members donated money to the Cancer Society at our November Potluck.  $1.00 per ticket for the chance to be the one to make the cut.   The "winning" ticket belonged to Bill Van Noortwyk.  He threatened to cut it with the kitchen cleaver but relented and used the special scissors kindly lent for the occasion by Lynne from #4 Hair Salon.  We raised $138 and I survived the experience.  Thank you to everyone who donated.

All of our programs will be taking a break over the Christmas season.  Please check with your group leader.  Most will end Dec. 15 week although Wednesday 50 + Fitness will carry on until Dec. 20 and Iron a and Silk until Dec. 21.  Please note the 50 + Fitness on Fridays will be ending December 1.  It looks like everything will be starting up after January 4 with Bingo restarting January 4.  A very lucky lady won the Looney Pot last week in the amount of $700

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you at the Peachland 50 + Activity Centre in the New Year. 


Say good bye to the scarecrows for this year.  The festival was a huge success and will be bigger and better next year.

Have you thought of checking out some of these activities?  Pictured above we have 50 + Fitness, Art and Carpet bowling.

BINGO ALERT:  Our hot dogs are a best seller in our concession for $2.50 for all you hungry players. 

Our hall was also the sight of an Asian wedding on Friday, July 1, 2016. The decorations and the cultural traditions were beautiful.

Gwen, our bingo manager is always looking for people to volunteer on Thursday night at bingo.  If you would like to help in some capacity please call her at 250 - 767 - 2774.  As the saying goes:  many hands make light work.

Thank you for checking out our website.  

We wish to thank the District of Peachland for their ongoing support of the 50 Plus Centre.  Without them we would not exist.  If you wish further information on Peachland please visit their website at: www.peachland.ca